Requirements problem

The following errors must be resolved before you can continue the installation process:

  • The Drupal installer requires that you create a settings file as part of the installation process.
    1. Copy the ./sites/default/default.settings.php file to ./sites/default/settings.php.
    2. Change file permissions so that it is writable by the web server. If you are unsure how to grant file permissions, please consult the on-line handbook.
    More details about installing Drupal are available in INSTALL.txt.
  • The directory sites/default/files is not writable. An automated attempt to create this directory failed, possibly due to a permissions problem. To proceed with the installation, either create the directory and modify its permissions manually, or ensure that the installer has the permissions to create it automatically. For more information, please see INSTALL.txt or the on-line handbook.

Please check the error messages and try again.